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Our Clinical Psychologist is active in promoting mental health in the community. By the means of public psychoeducation, mental health seminars and workshops, psychoeducation leaflets, media interview, expert columns and social media etc., we deliver mental health promotion and education. We also organize professional trainings to parents, teachers, social workers, health care professionals, corporate management, and other professionals. 
The common topics of psychoeducation and trainings include the followings:
  1. Parenting Talk and Workshop
  2. Emotional Regulation and Stress Management Talk and Workshop
  3. Communicaiton and Counselling Skills Talk and Workshop
  4. Wellbeing Series Talk and Workshop
  5. Health Care Professional Training
  6. Public Psychoeducation
Should you need further information about our past psychoeducation or training events, you may refer to the following links:
*We are open for cooperation and collaboration in training programs with any organization or corporate. Please feel free to contact us for further discussion.

III. Psychoeducation
    & Training

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