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Our clinical psychologists have rich experience in crisis and disaster management, and provide crisis pressure management, planning and training services for institutions and schools;   Before and after the crisis, plan comprehensive supporting measures and support , and provide clients with immediate psychological counseling to help them return to daily life and work as soon as possible.
Crisis stress management and strategic planning includes:
  1. Planning Crisis Incident Response Plan (Pre-crisis Strategic Planning)
  2. Psychological training (Pschologcial Training) - Crisis stress management, psychological first aid and other related training
  3. Crisis Intervention – Provide immediate consultation to management, hold strategy meetings, provide psychological first aid to clients, crisis management interpretive meetings, individual and group psychological support, etc.
  4. Individual Assessment and Intervention – Provides individual psychological assessment and counselling for those affected by crisis incidents
  5. Post-crisis Management and Consultation (Post-crisis Management and Consultation) - Plan follow-up measures with management and relevant departments
*We welcome organizations to negotiate and tailor-made psychological services
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V. Crisis
   Management and
   Strategic Planning

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