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思健心理諮詢中心 - 註冊臨床心理學家 Wellness Psychological Consultancy Services -Registered Clinical Pschologist
註冊臨床心理學家 心理評估 心理諮詢 心理治療 心理培訓 危機處理 Registered Clinical Pschologist Psychological assessment, consultation, psychotherapy, training
約見臨床心理學家, 睇心理醫生, 心理諮詢, 心理服務, 輔導, 心理評估, 心理治療 Booking for Clinical Psychologist, psychological consultation, psychological assessment, counselling, psychotherapy,

About Us 

Wellness Psychological Consultancy Services is directed by Registered Clinical Psychologist. Our team involves Registered Clinical Psychologist of the Hong Kong Psychological Society and Speech Therapist of the Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapist. We offer professional psychological and speech assessment, therapy and consultation services to children, parents, adults, schools and corporate.


We concern holistic health of individuals and are passionate in promoting psychological well-being and positive thinking in the community.


Our Services 

We provide a wide range of clinical psychological services and speech therapy services, including individual, family or group psychological consultation, and large scale training and psychoeducation.


Our major scope of services are as followed: 

  1. Clinical Psychological Assessment 

  2. Clinical Psychological Consultation and Psychotherapy 

  3. Psychoeducation and Training 

  4. Case Consultation

  5. Critical Incident Stress Management and Strategic Planning

  6. Corporate and School Psychological Training and Consultation 

  7. Speech Assessment and Therapy

  8. Oromotor and Swallowing Assessment and Therapy

Contact Us 


Please do not hesitate to contact us for booking, consultation or collaboration. 

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